December 21, 2020

A Grand Update

Oh yes 2020... well that scuppered some plans and...

A Grand Update

Well, 2020 is coming to an end and boy, we didn't see that coming. Well we did. So, changes had to be made...

  • HackWimbledon has evolved into Makeroni which now is weekly online (Zoom) and every day (Discord).
  • I've been making various things there. Lots of fun with 433Mhz doorbells and an M5 Atom to create a doorbell listener which flashes and triggers a push notification through the PushSafer service.
  • More 3D Printing but still no designing yet (That's a 2021 resolution right there).
  • Reached peak retro and now have machines which are modern recreations of a retro feel... Wish someone would make a modern monitor which could display the low sync rates of the Amiga 1200... I have no space for a CRT.
  • Will be getting into game coding on the Arduboy - All prepped up now with the Arduboy FX mod chip now installed in my Arduboy (oooh tricky process, flexible PCB and hole matching - hint, make sure you are pushing the PCB down when soldering)
  • Spending more time with Swift and again, hopefully, I'll have the iOS/Mac end of an app or two coming up in the new year.

So, sod you 2020, especially as you got an extension to run till June.

Oh, and I am going to try and post weekly at some level here, just so I don't just Tweet and work blog.

And if you want something to make for Christmas/next Christmas - dash an order in for Lucky Resistor's gorgeous Snowflakes. I have two chains up in the window and their lovely.... and when I find the other two strips in the loft, boom, a blizzard of LEDs.

Blessya all