November 19, 2019

Udoo Bolt: Wooooo!

What should be a great machine on paper, the Udoo Bolt, isn't. And its for the most ridiculous of reasons. Let's rewind... Udoo do SBC (Single Board Computer) PCs and blend in an Arduino and a whole bunch of hackable IO. Great idea. The Udoo Bolt is another of these with an AMD Ryzen processor at its heart rather than the old Intel x86. Again, great idea. Signed up with Kickstarter and eventually, the device arrived in super stylish (if logic puzzle to assemble) metal case.

So far so <WOOOOOO> ah thats the fan spinning up <Woo...> and thats <WOOOOO> where the trouble kicks in. You see it's got a noisy fan and one you don't have any control over. Its either being noise or not, and it prefers the former state. <WOOOOOOOO> so maybe there's a fix for the firmware <Wooo...> ... well there is but it seems new firmware is only on a special pleading with support bas<WOOOOOO>is and you can't just download it to try it.

And it's been like this since the summer...also since the summer, Udoo have been shipping Bolts out with the newer firmware and asking other people to just wait.... <Wooo....>

So I'm at the point of putting in power straved 12v quiet fans in just to make living with the beast idling bearable, and no sign of new firmware. It's a real pity as everyone I show the machine to goes "Oooh thats" and then like a bad dog* it's all <WOOOOOOOO> "Is that the fan" ...

"Sigh.... yes"

  • Yes @weratedogs they are all good dogs.